Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tantrums "R" Us

On our WAAAAHCAM today we have the Interview with Hugh Hewitt: The Future of Evangelicalism. We're getting the wah-wah about how future generations just aren't serious enough about hating fags and abortions and such. Thus religion's future won't be standing up for a Christian's rights to take away the rights from anybody that makes the baby Jebus cry. Enjoy, and have a bucket handy.

You know how the right always says that fags want everyone everywhere to praise them for being gay and whimper about our rights being violated if they don't? That's literally how they see us. Well... try this: Governors that don't sign for REAGAN DAY are big unpatriotic meanies who need to be spanked, says Grover Norquist: "By refusing to honor President Reagan, Gov. Jim Doyle has put pusillanimous petty partisanship above patriotism." According to the story, only 14 governors refused to sign. Only 14??? 14 Democrats and one Republican. Sigh... what's the world coming to? If we don't have a Reagan day, why... we'll just be handing the country over to them dirty Commies!

I hereby invite all of you to the pity party for those poor poor people who financially supported Proposition 8 and other such propositions in other states, who are now receiving anger from the opponents. Waaaaaaaah...... because how dare they be held accountable for what they voted for! Let's not give sympathy to the couples who were forcibly stripped of their marriage though. Apparently pro-8 people are receiving death threats. Alex Blaze writes:

How come the right, which is quick to publish any information to make their whines seem any more real, has yet to come forward with any proof? And why did the Times publish that statement without at least a "some say" in front of it? ... For decades, it's been them beating us up, killing us in the street and locking us up in prison for no reason.

And how hard did the right fight against us for legislation to stop that? But now they waaaaah because they're being exposed, legally, for their votes? It's okay to kill a faggot, but don't you dare hold the beater liable for the way they vote or they'll wet themselves in whine. But given how the country is destroying Christianity right now... apparently... it's not hard to see how things can get so misinterpreted.

The best whine isn't so much from a right-winger but from a cop. Not a real cop. But the Village People's cop, Victor Willis, who is suing to have his voice and face removed from all Village People merchandise. Why? He at the same time is swearing that the song, YMCA, was not a gay song, but a straight song that got misconstrued. So... is he suing because he doesn't want to be identified as ambiguously gay? Does he even know? Do we even care? WHATCHOO TALKIN' BOUT, WILLIS? Fine. You don't wanna be associated with the Village People, please, by all means, put my face and my voice in his place and let me endure all those royalties.

I wanna whine too, goddammit. I never get to. Waaaah.