Friday, February 13, 2009

Their Unconstitutional rants silenced... tell all the churches!!!

I get those lovely "Action Alerts" from FAMBLA... you can count on me to translate them for you here, I promise...

Please help us get this misinformation into the hands of as many terrified and ignorant people just like you as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of rich, white, Christian family and friends.

TV Stations Ban 'Speechless...Silencing the Christians' just like the title of our film clearly denotes that we wanted them to so we can whine about it

Stations bow to pressure from handful of homosexual activists who clearly know the constitution better than we ever will

Dear Stumbly,

Two TV stations, WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, MI and WSYX-TV in Columbus, OH, have banned a television special showing how the media is silencing us good holy and straight Christians. The stations had the blatant audacity to show American and Christ-like respect to the demands of a handful of homosexual activists, and banned the showing of our TV special "Speechless...Silencing the Christians," whose very title begged for precisely that very action to happen. The one-hour TV special was scheduled to be shown on the stations, but the stations yanked the program after being threatened by a mob of angry drag queens with curling irons and wicked glints in their eyes. (Who could blame them for caving?) AFA was paying good hard-earned corporate money for the time. Which is probably for the best, because only you handful of suckers who actually like we FAMBLA people would've watched it anyway.

You can watch the one-hour banned program here.

You can order a DVD of the one-hour TV special "Speechless...Silencing the Christians" and show it in your church. Because obviously we only have on reason for pushing this kind of anti-gay hatred onto a country with church-state-separation, and that's because our Jebus says so.

See for yourself and let your church members see the extremist AFA special that the stations, who have the interest to satisfy more than a small demographic of mouth-foaming lunatics, banned!

Or, order all 14 of the original 22-minute episodes of "Speechless...Silencing the Christians" with a discussion guide, and show them in your church. Where it belongs... in the church... rather than out in the general public, masquerading as mainstream-worthy or even reasonable.

Oddly enough, the TV special shows how the media censors Christians, which is exactly what these two stations did! Imagine that! We have these people exactly where we want them... BWAHAHAHAHA... now we can sit in our churches and snivel about how silenced we are, over and over again, and make our congregation and brainwashed children really think we are!

Those silly gooses said the program was "controversial." What could possibly be controversial about calling an entire demographic of watchers "abominations of nature" or showing how our archaic book says they should be put to death? The stations do not consider it controversial to show two lesbians or two homosexuals kissing or getting into bed with each other or living their lives as though they're normal and acceptable in our society, or that they should even have the right to exist in the first place! The stations do not consider all the profanity that normal people use on a daily basis, which makes the baby Jebus' ears bleed, controversial. Imagine that... those syllables... aired to the public! Don't they know they should be saying Jebus Jebus Jebus, not fuck shit or... oh, sorry. They regularly show network programs advocating the eeeeevil homosexual agenda, wanting to exist and have families and be happy (while conveniently forgetting to mention how fags want to rape all our children and make us all botoxed zombie clones from Mars), but those programs are not considered controversial. However, a special showing of contrived instances where we cleverly misconstrue real events to make it look as though Christians are being silenced is controversial!

The manager of the Columbus station told AFA the station would not air the program because saying a bunch of mean and bigoted things about homosexuals, like our loving God tells us to do in His Holy Word (right after saying don't eat shellfish or shave your beards), did not represent "positive Christianity." I'll bet that manager is a Satanist. His breath smelled of gin for crying out loud. I'll bet his parents were never married. And well, we won't even discuss the people in Grand Rapids, MI. Their station is named WOOD-TV, so obviously they're all obsessed with hardons!

Are we moving to a time when pastors whose services are broadcast will be banned because their sermons call the practice of homosexuality a sin, instead of the past where it was okay to bash homos and have it conveniently unaired on the news so that they could feel like the third-class citizens we want them to return to being?

Please, forward this dramatic and panic-filled message to your family and friends today!

Thank you for being gullible and small-minded enough to get involved. If you feel our efforts are worthy of support, would you consider making a small tax-deductible contribution to our politically active church which pretends not to be a church bus still preaches and preaches about Jebus and wants you to take this to your church.... repeatedly begging you to take it to your church.... so that your church can be actively pushing politics even though politics should be separated from church actions, but don't tell anybody so they don't take away your church's tax-exempt status?


Who the hell do you people think you're fooling? You only wanted to do this to try to rally your fellow bigots. Nothing scares them most than to think they're being oppressed. Who the fuck is being oppressed here? You're just bitching and whining because you had your opportunity to rally people, who want to take MY Constitutional rights away, from getting together and raping an entire group of people. Learn what it means to be an American before you put AMERICAN in your organization's fucking title. Face it...

AFA = Absolute Fascist Assholes