Friday, February 13, 2009

What a whirl, what a whirl!

Freedom in America is a myth. But we all already know that. Now so does Dymond Milburn, 12 years old in Galveston, who was attacked and beaten by police (who didn't identify themselves as police, nor look dressed as police) for accusation of being a prostitute (when she was in her own front yard), then when her father sued they arrested her at her MIDDLE SCHOOL for resisting arrest. Would YOU resist what you don't even know to be arrest? They threatened to arrest her mother and father too.

Best line of the whole story: 'I'm going to arrest your dog, too, if you don't get your dog inside.' So it turns out the Galveston Police have been taking Wicked Witch lessons.

This is a case that's spiraled into bullshit purgatory.