Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Indoctrination... wheeeeee!

ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT Orientation Video...
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I joke of course about this being indoctrination, given that my theory of Christianity is that its original purpose was to create a single movement of resistance against the Roman Empire before being absorbed and bastardized by that very empire. In other words, that the dominant cult of our times was designed to destroy the cult of empire (and has forgotten this purpose), which is why it now lives in one giant fascist hypocrisy... (this is of course what my movie is all about).

It dominates, obviously. We are now run by a cult. It's as simple as that. And that cult's biggest ideals now run virtually everything too. Don't fool yourself to think these ideals are spiritual. They are not. Those ideals are profits and power, pure and simple. So in a sense, being employed by business running within this dominant culture we call "civilization" which has recently morphed into what we now call "industrial civilization" is in fact the actual indoctrination into this cult, whether you're liberal (progressive in morality) or conservative (not). Either way, you work, you buy, you sell, and thus you worship at the altar of this cult's god. You probably hate it, but blasphemy's no biggie, long as you keep on doing it. It's a merciful god I guess.

Any movement against such a thing, incidentally, would be called a cult pretty quickly. If you mention the way this mentality has dominated virtually everything in human thought, you'll be called a conspiracy kook. Which is weird, because that would make Christianity a bizarre conspiracy kook-theory too... just blame the devil for everything, right? See... it works out nicely.

Biblically we were told that God hated the idea of people being united and building up. It's called the Tower of Babel. God actually talked to himself... or his selves... and said that people working together could become as powerful as god(s), and that just wouldn't do... so he split them up (clearly not wanting us all to "get along" or "live as one") and gave us different languages. But the Christian movement challenged this in one of their stories, called the Original Pentecost. In this something called the "Holy Spirit" (which I prefer to think of as the "spirit of rebellion and human freedom" rather than what the dogma calls it, some "holy ghost" that makes you flail weirdly while talking like Bjork) came onto all people and they spoke all their own languages (kept their identities) but understood each other as one united voice (of resistance against Rome). They were also licked by flaming tongues... I'm not going to try to analyze that one. I'd say it's kinky, but even I... who's into candlewax play... don't think that sounds pleasurable.

The point is, we don't have to become one lame-ass politically correct people. We just have to unite long enough to topple the dominant power. It's not a government. It's not a conspiring bunch of wicked rich people. It's the religion of money... that all things bow down to a dollar value, living or non. And that's what Zeitgeist, in a sense, is also saying (though they use way different terms than I do about this).

March 15th is Z-Day by the way... celebration of the Zeitgeist movement. If you've not seen the movies Zeitgeist and Addendum, shame on you... after all, they're free to view... and then find out where they're getting together locally to you. My own local gathering is at a coffee shop in Marietta... that's it? Oh well. Hope to meet some of my locals there.