Thursday, March 12, 2009

Somebody tell me this guy's kidding...

The tragic church shooting and death of Reverend Fred Winters, pastor of First Baptist Church , Maryville Illinois, has once again raised the under-reported issue of violence directed at Christians and churches … Anti-Christian hostility is reaching a new, more violent level. Churches used to be sanctuaries that were regarded as sacred, unfortunately now all church leaders must be prepared to defend their congregations and themselves from violent acts even with the use of deadly force.
This rant from the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission's very own Gary Cass. I'm sorry, but what horribly hostility has been befalling on Christians? Maybe I missed it. I've seen countless violent gay bashings, and a rather nasty rise on them lately. I recall there being a horrible gun-shooting in a church up in, I believe it was, Knoxville, Tennessee, but as I also recall it was a Unitarian church and it was attacked by a Christian who fired because he thought they weren't Christian enough!

I especially love the part where he mentions that churches "used to be sanctuaries that were regarded as sacred." So were the 18,000 California marriages you people are helping to nullify with your funds. The only thing that makes churches and temples cease being sacred is when they are filled with hate, which only your congregation can accomplish. I believe the term Christ would've used is "synagogue of Satan". You people relish the idea of tearing down the temples of false gods (i.e. anybody else's way of belief) but whimper and whine if your own is under threat? Weren't you people supposed to "rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ"? But you're not even coming close to suffering the persecution that you're causing, and here you are whining!

So his solution to all the horrible horrible fear they're suffering is to have concealed weapons in church. You know something... that's a great idea. And I'll sneak in and hide under a pew and shout, "OH MY GOD, SATAN'S IN BERTHA'S BODY!" and watch the fun. By the way, make sure you keep the safety on, because who knows what could happen when you're slain in the spirit.