Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whittle down the issue...

...about gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual issues. Because let's face it, there's a billion arguments already being had about this on every website on the interwebz already, and all of them make the same points.

The Antis always want you to know that it's unnatural. That penis going into ass serves no natural purpose, and therefore it's wrong. The Pros want you to know that it's for pleasure, is no more wrong than using a butter knife (whose purpose is to spread butter) for something beyond its purpose (like a screwdriver). Toasters are for toast, but we stick Pop Tarts in them all the time. There's a G-spot up a man's ass even. And it's nothing to ya... we're not doing it to YOU. If we did, that'd be called rape, and we all agree that shouldn't happen.

The Antis always want to whine about what it's going to do to the "sanctity of marriage", which then the Pros mention how many of those sanctified marriages end in divorce, never fail to bring up Brittney Spears' little stunt, and thankfully make the point that our being able to marry doesn't affect your marriage at all, unless your love is just so fucking weak you cling to silly phantasms to feel like it's more special than it really is.

The Antis then scream that we're going to poison children, shove it in schools, etc., and the Pros promise that they won't, but that they don't want discrimination against children who are raised by GLBTs either. I always want them to counter with the bullshit about how much Antis are constantly pushing anti-gay ideas in children through religion (that doesn't belong in education), or how much they try to scare kids with boogeyman hell fears. If it's terror that gays might molest children Pros simply have to point out the huge numbers of molestations in churches and straight families. If it's moral values, Pros only have to point out how much hatred is not a moral value, but is what Antis are promoting. Either way, children is another issue they fail at.

Now the Antis are also boohooing the violent agenda that is being brought against them, supposedly, mentioning violence in churches and threats against prop 8 financial supporters. Pros stand against violence, but defend their right to protest in the same way that neocons protested against Dixie Chicks in the Bush year. I'd dare them to list with sources any incidents of violence brought against Christians or pro 8s at all. By the time they list maybe five, I'll have over a hundred gay-bashings and incidents by Christians who committed violence because Jesus told them to, all happening in the past couple of months.

The Antis have nothing. They can't make any case that they're not a hundred tiems more guilty of, and all of it is nothing more than an avoidance of the actual issue... are gays people? Do they deserve rights? They're left with one argument. It always comes down to the last little corner that they paint themselves into... the one they didn't want to start with because they know that though it's the weakest argument they could make, it's also the entire foundation and reason for their argument:

The Antis finally bring it down to the Bible, making the mistaken notion this matters in a "Christian nation", which is ludicrous. Because it's not. The Pros make this case, albeit why should they have to? Usually there are Christian gays who speak up about it, then Christians who are pro-gay that speak up, etc. But what I rarely see is someone saying that that damned Bible is just one of many books written by people almost as stupid as the ones throwing it at us now. I say almost as stupid because at least they wrote something, and these Antis usually couldn't write an eye chart. The Bible doesn't have any bearing on my life whatsoever, so shove it up your ass, people. It's not my book. It's your hallucinatory hell. You burn in it.

What I just don't get is... why is this argument not over yet, when there's so little new (i.e. nothing new) being said by the Antis? The answer is the numbers... which leaves me with yet another reason to have no hope for humanity. The Antis have the numbers, and the numbers don't listen to reason, which leans to the Pros' favor. They just make the same failed and defeated arguments, and with fingers in their ears, La la la la la la la la their way through the debate. Thankfully we got one person to change his mind... Schumer. But he's one, in millions that refuse to. Even many minorities of previously discriminated groups forget that discrimination based on majority could come back and bite them in the ass. The best argument I've seen is Bilerico's Terrence Heath, who champions the term: "You may not be gay, but you may be next," and warns against letting these anti-civil-rights people gain "a foothold for establishing majoritarianism," which would "result in a situation where no one has any “unalienable rights,” that the majority can't take away."

It's Anti-American to be Anti rights, 'nuff said. I want to see this shouted by everyone. It's defensible to say it. Screw debating with these people on the weak issues, where no progress is ever made. It's only a distraction. Just fight the real issue: America's recognition of "inalienable rights".

Isn't that what's most sanctified after all?