Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wish in one hand, consume with the other

I love National Geographic's channel. But I seriously gotta question what I just saw. I watched HUMAN FOOTPRINT, which lays out scary amounts of what the average American uses by way of soda cans, diapers, bread, etc., an shows a picture of just how frighteningly consuming we are. Not that people will care or decrease it ever.

But during the commercial breaks, two different iPhone commercials, one Roundup ad which is a product by environmental enemy, Monsanto, and several ads screaming about how much your old such and such can't stand up to the new such and such, on stands now, get 'em before we make a new one!

It's not that I expect televising to be free. That's the issue. These people are the ones with the money to pay for this show to air. And knowing that it will continue, what was more effective... the ads, or the scary truth? Where's the money? Where's the energy? Where's the effort? Which side is being listened to, practiced, preached, and pondered upon by you on a daily basis? Makes the show null and void. Might as well have been just another bullshit What Not to Wear show telling you to throw out all your old clothes and buy new ones so you can be a worth-a-shit human being.

And one ad was for a new movie by DisneyNature, called Earth. It struck me as beautiful, and I want to see it. Then I thought of how much silicone, how much gasoline, how much oil and coal is going to be used in the making and showing of this film, which helps rape the whole fucking natural landscape. So that we can see what used to exist in pretty pictures. See it while it's hot, before we completely replace it with a whole new concrete earth!

People. Honestly. What the fuck are we going to do? I'm reminded of all the accounts by people defending status quo saying we shouldn't get worked up about it, or be extreme about this fact in any way. Yet the entirety of extreme seems to me to be on the side of our consumption, and absolutely pathetic in our actions to fix the problem. In other words, the only thing extreme about us is how much we don't care, and don't do anything at all. If you ask me, it's a damned good case for the environmentalist-extremists, or eco-terrorist, who actually is doing something, and has to go extreme to make up for all our apathy. The time for trying to quell voices about this issue with be reasonable is past. We've just plain lost our right to pretend it's not happening or to condemn the so-called extremist in his activism, when we sit around and consume without hesitation, decrease, or even a care.

We've justified this way of life long enough, which is so easy to do when we're not the species being wiped out, don't you think?