Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching up on the Daily Show

I was gone for a few days, and when I came back, found myself having hell catching up with me RSS feeds. But what's really been masterful is catching up on the Daily Show's episodes.

On the 15th, Robin Warren from TARP came on and talked about why we do all the horrid regulation shit that the Right's freaking out about, and how for 50 years after the Depression things were fine. So... Socialism? Hardly. Idiots. Five star episode.

On the 16th... Ben Affleck? Who cares... I skipped that part, but more about Tea, secession, and a big-boobed Obama holding a mutilated Elmo. More wingnuttery. Jon compares the right to everything they say they hate about the left and find they've become their own disgust. FoxNews has become tne new hippy station? Go figure.

On the 20th, he tackles torture, which the Right keeps justifying. Will we prosecute? Remember, Obama = tyranny even though he was a democratically elected president who for the most part is doing exactly what he campaigned on... but to actually hold Bush Administration people accountable for torture of human beings and releasing the truth about it, somehow, this is just evil against our nation and don't you question them dammit!!! (But that's not tyranny. Just in case you needed to be reminded. Ahem...) And yay, a return of Lewis Black.

On the 21st, tackling the Chavez-Obama handshake controversy. The "lip-reading" of the incident will leave you rolling with laughter. Wingnuts exaggerated, of course. I want to read the book Obama was handed, which (GASP!!!) talks about American imperialism. By the way, it does exist. The point is for leaders to meet each other and discuss shit. Not have fist fights and give each other the silent treatment. A book that might open our leader's eyes to what our country does... which may sometimes be wrong? YAY!!! That's what I've got to say. Then the "reporter" goes to Sweden to see what a SOCIALIST NIGHTMARE... *insert creepy music here*... looks like. Um... whatever.

Finally, last night on the 22nd he tackled torture again. Is it moral or effective? Was it effective enough to merit the immorality of it? Aren't the Right wingnuts always telling us there are no shades of gray between right and wrong? Rove and Cheney are shown as the contradictive idiots they are... suffering Ballzheimer's Disease! And the conclusion of the Sweden story from the previous day. More great satire of capitalist-flag-waving wingnuttery ensues.

And on the 23rd, Jon rested.

I'm kidding, of course. I'm sure he'll do something silly and ridiculous, but the point is, when a comedian does the job of the newsmedia better than the newsmedia, who's stuck in this vortex of YEAH HUH!!! NUH UH!!! Jerry Springer-style fight-media that gives nothing but argument with little information, and absolutely no worthy editorial content, you know that we're living in a sad excuse of an information superhighway.

I'd rather have some reasonable reporting on the newsmedia than this, but thank god we have this at least.