Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eyes of Newt

“If the Republicans can’t break out of being the right wing party of big government, then I think you would see a third party movement in 2012.”
This is Newt Gingrich speaking. He is admitting that the Republican party is, in fact, the party of big government. Before you laugh it up and think how much that can be used against the people who always blab tax and spend whenever they hear the word Democrat, remember, the person you heard it from is... sadly... Newt. Okay, someone that the right loves dearly, but a nutjob nonetheless.

He is also, after all, advocating preemptive strike on North Korea, despite all evidence that it's a bad idea, and that there's absolutely no necessity for it anyway. I won't go too much into that area, because well... it's obvious that it's just him failing to break out of being the bad-idea-for-a-new-war party.

Instead, I'll mention his many fails, as what he said was supposed to be part of a critique on Obama, actually. He calls the Administration: "the most radical, left-wing government in American history." I'm sure this is probably because of all that socialism spewing out of him... well, to the rich, which is nothing compared to how much of it spewed out of Bush. So then that'd make BUSH the most radical left-wing government... right? Or is it because the Socializing of medicine, which isn't actually happening (and many in the left, like Hillary and Edward repeatedly criticized him for NOT having a plan to socialize medicine). He is, in fact, making a plan for national healthcare insurance for those who are not already insured... just like in Arizona. You know, McCain's state. So McCain's state must be the most radical left-wing state in American history. Right?
"Every young American ought to be calculating what this administration's going to cost them for an entire lifetime."
They can't, Newt. They're nowhere near done counting how much Bush cost them. In fact, most of their calculators have burst into flames.
"During the period I was speaker, the U.S. government for four years, in total growth, was 2.9 percent percent a year. Under Bush, it was 6. Obama, this year, I think it will be 36 percent in one year. It is just literally irrational."
Under Bush it was only 6? That's because you don't count military. And I notice that you conveniently say the period that you were speaker, rather than the Clinton years. Who didn't leave a country in such a shitter that Bush had to do the desperate moves that Obama has to now, to make up for Bush's failures. And thankfully, people aren't falling for it, Newt:

So whatcha gonna do now?
"They want to cut out the tax breaks for charities deliberately because they want to weaken charities so that people will have to rely more on government."
Tax breaks for charities? That's already been discredited as a lie. If anything, there will hopefully be a break from the bullshit church/state separation offending faith based charity idea that Bush was pushing, because he wanted everyone to rely on Jebus. Now let's get shit straight. But he at least said something... uh... sensible?
"Remember, everything Obama's doing, Bush started last year. If you're going to talk about big spending, the mistakes of the Bush administration last year are fully as bad as the mistakes of Obama's first two, three months," he said.
So wait wait wait... you admit that big spending came from Bush? And that if this is all evil left-wing agenda actions, then wouldn't that mean, if it started from Bush, that he in fact had "the most radical, left-wing government in American history"? Or... what? I don't know. You're a nutjob trying to bomb people because of a novel you read anyway, so... I'm just gonna leave you to cry with Glenn Beck and the others. Try not to get on the same cycle with him.