Monday, April 13, 2009

Galapagos Burning

With the Galapagos under volcanic threat, I'm expecting at any moment to hear the theistards to say it's a sign of God's angry wrathy hand destroying the evil place where evolution was born, or something along those lines. What I also expect is, once the ash clears up, to see that some of the diverse life there will still be alive because of its diversity, which is created by evolution.

But they'd be left without comment. La Cumbre, the volcano spewing, hasn't shown activity in... four years? Just four? So, in other words, it's not been an inactive beast at all. It's not even a threat to anybody on nearby Isabella Island, the story said, which means... this is almost a non story. I want it to be a threat to people on an island nearby. It'd be almost as much fun as that tsunami.

Galapagos island retreats were recently given away on Wheel of Fortune, so I know there's at least a few people going, well shit, about this. But to me, I feel for the life there. This is just something that happens though. If humans aren't fucking things up, a volcano. Life is cruel. Why can't this be happening on Virginia Beach after all?

I've wanted to go there and see the crazy tree of life in action. It was spoken of much in Brian McLaren's second of his New Kind of Christian books, titled The Story We Find Ourselves In, which makes great points for evolution living in conjunction with a person trying to live in their spirituality. There was more than fair dialog between a previously atheist woman who studied life on the islands, and the preacher who had been learning to extend his horizons beyond the fundamentalist ideals. The entire trilogy is a great, thought-provoking read, actually... the kind of Christianity that many of us would love to see more widely practiced, rather than the hysterical doom attacks of the fundaMENTALists. Like having their goofy heaven-earth radio person, Pope Hitler, urge for "hope", while constantly insisting that his God is opposed to all the shit that actually gives us any hope whatsoever..

Moot point anyway. Everyone knows that life was made by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and that he made it diverse like this to trick scientists and test your faith. Your faith in pasta. And carbohydrates.