Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kooks - Make sure you're not one

The past couple of days I'd been in a little spat with a now former friend over e-mails. She used to send out those blindly-forwarded mails that all your average soccer-moms sent out, with little jabs against those silly librulz and all. One day she sent me one of the many accusational mails about Obama that blindly go around... about him being Muslim, or not born here, or so evil he refuses to put his hand over his heart or say the Pledge of Allegiance. I forget which one. May have been more than one. I let it go. Then when I got more, I still ignored it.

Then in one discussion with my sister she brought up how the Koran even speaks about how the "Eagle will cleanse the lands of Allah", meaning us. I remembered that, and I remembered how the Koran 9:11 scam was a lie. I finally sent out a mail about how these things need to be fact-checked and how blindly forwarding mails can create these huge lunatic fear-driven packs of delusional freaks so blinded by their terror that they won't even see evidence to the contrary when it's in front of them. I'll pull up what I sent out and share it here sometime. It was a doozy.

The reaction the former friend gave me was outright refusal to believe that Obama was anything but a Muslim Socialist, and she is still in hysterics. She said outright no matter how much evidence I provide, she knows he's Muslim, and that all Muslims are evil. I said beware of believing in something despite all evidence to the contrary, because if you do that, the earth is flat, I deserve to be stoned to death, and she'd be beaten by her husband for talking to me (a male) in that authoratative tone. Seriously, progress is only destroyed by that.

The discussion was lengthy, ridiculous, and ended in the loss of friendship and even threats from her son for causing her grief. The grief came from me very calmly, at length, trying to share with her why I disagreed with the craze of today. My disagreement, and my facts and sources, gave her grief, and caused her, apparently, to freak out. She wants to be left alone in her false bubble of terror that her capitalist world really is the best and only way to live, and that eeeeevil Muslim socialism is out to get her. This is an absolute summary of where we stand in our country right now.

Yes, kooks are in both sides. Kooks are even off of the sides. Kooks are everywhere. The question is, are you one of them? Please analyze your beliefs to make sure you are not.

Now I am neither Democrat nor Republican, just like nearly every other person likes to say. Usually before defending their party and going into all of its usual talking points. But the reason I can find myself out of that loop is that the tug-of-war between the two is all about who gets the government... who gets the money... who gets the rights and the power. And who gets shut out, restricted, and punished. I am an anarchist who'd rather be rid of both sides, and free us from this disaster of globalized whether-you-like-it-or-not capitalism. But I'm in the middle of this tug-of-war.

And after eight years of Clinton, and then eight even kookier years of Bush, I think we have our verdict over which side is the biggest kook supplier. Right now, we have Glenn Beck crying on air like someone stole his lunch money, and it's no wonder. Looking at the hysteria their media is shoving at them... the constant unquestioned myths about the budget, for instance. I remember when it was supposedly full of Anti-Christian bills, which was ludicrous... but my friend I'm talking about isn't a Christian. They're sending out insane documents about how to survive the coming collapse, which I do anticipate one... but I sure don't want to hide with a bunch of wingnuts who read Townhall bullshit.

All over the world there are people in masses rebelling against the establishments in their countries. Our liberals look at it interestingly enough. Today, Cenk on The Young Turks show was covering them and thought it absurd that many of them want to abolish money. But it's the monetary system that's caused this tug-of-war, and not everyone wants to have to earn the shit in order to have the right to survive. That system was imposed on the world. Cenk thought they're... deluded. But O'Reilly likens them to child molestors! Are there kooks on this view? I'm betting... yes. Am I one? I sure hope not.

But what do I know about money? Either way with Democrats or Repulicans, it's all about how to handle money... the battle is: do we handle it like the right says... tax breaks to rich and zero breaks for those in real need? Or do we handle it like the left says... on programs that manage the very real needs of our world... but manage only to fail miserably because government sucks at these things? And who manages the money best? And well... where does Dow fall when they're in powers?

Here's why I am not good in that debate... I've never had money. At all. I don't invest. I've never had my own car, my own place, my own anything, because I was born poor, and I have never been able to find my way out of it. I'm not a hater of money because I'm just some disgruntled person who lost all his money. I'm not some malcontent as O'Reilly would think me. I'm someone who's tired of seeing what money does to everyone I know. I don't want any, and I don't want to see everyone I know suffer like this. The goal here to me isn't to try to get Dow back to rising numbers so everybody everywhere living in this unchecked system of fail can sit back and feel secure again. I don't want security in this. We have to open our eyes about how this system of monetary rule and totalitarian economy is taking the entire natural world as well as virtually every human life, straight into the shitter! O'Reilly and the right... only care about their pocketbooks. That's a very short-sighted world to have... one where they are the center of the world, and all that matters is that the entire world revolves around them. Even if I'm a kook, I'll never be that big of one.

I want this system to die. But I know that it's not gonna change anytime soon. So I will admit that, if anything, I'd much rather right now, for the time being, be under the side of those who at least do recognize the needs of the poor, the humanity of the gays, and the civil rights of the citizens, than under the theocrats. Because those past 8 years... come on. Am I right? And since they lost, all I'm hearing is hysteria gone wild! This has gotten insane... my ex-friend and a whole lot of others, agree as I do that things need to be overthrown. Except they only care about them being overthrown when they're money is, supposedly, threatened by this absurd idea that Obama is this big meanie socialist! Just so we can return to the rest of the world revolving around them again. I may dislike the fact everyone's stuck trying to win in a sham of an election game, but I am so fucking glad that at least most people aren't buying into how the right feel about Obama.

Look... we've seen where the two sides will get us. Either a march toward military-spending out the ass, psychotic anti-gay frenzy, and theocratic leanings... or spending for relief on the poor. Either way, your tax dollars are going to be spent. Do you wish to fund help for the needy, or do you like blowing up brown people overseas? Lesser of two evils... right? How the fuck is it more mind-blowing to you that we help the suffering? How the hell are you people in a panic, and where was the panic during the past eight years? Government power in my bedroom, my schools, my head... or government spending some money to feed the starving people that your rich corporations threw out on the street? No contest. Both suck, but there is no end to how much more the Republicans suck.

I want a revolution. But not with these people. They're fucking nuts.