Tuesday, April 07, 2009


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Obama's European Trip - Tom Brokaw
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Said Stephen Colbert: "If I wanted to share my wealth my friends... I'd have friends." Sounds pretty much like the thought of the rightwing blonds of the world, don't it? That's what made me chuckle and have to share this.

The other thing I had to share this amusing clip for is that it features Tom Brokaw. Here in Atlanta we used to be entertained by a rather amusing guy named Kim Petersen on our newsradio station, WGST, who frequently had a guy call in impersonating Brokaw in all his difficulty to pronounce everything glory. You cannot listen to him anymore, after that impersonation, without dying in laughter, which is what I'm doing now. I tried to un-hear that, but...

Either way, a president that can put world leaders in "time-outs" is a real man! At least until he comes back home. Then we'll shred him, naturally. But at least, we'll shred him accurately, and with logic and facts.