Saturday, April 25, 2009

WARNING: This post contains a penis

Towleroad blog gives us this story about the Coachella music event where a naked man is tasered by the police after refusing to put his clothing back on. Apparently I should warn that it's NSFW. But therein lies the problem... why is it not safe for work?

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

Obviously nudity hurts people. A penis makes the baby Jesus cry. Exposure to one will turn any innocent bystander into a pillar of Sodomite salt, so we must be protected against nudity at all costs. In other words, I'm for the legalization and right to be nude, and fuck what people think. You don't like to look at it is not reason enough something must be made illegal or declared without right to exist. It's as simple as that.

The point should be made, however, that police did not make the policy, but must enforce it. So was it necessary to drop a knee on the guy in the abdomen? Or taser him? Does he pose a threat?

The comments of viewers at the site too often point out his penis size (one even saying: "The cops were just mad because his cock was bigger than theirs" which made me chuckle) and how he's not pretty enough to look at to be given the right to be nude in public... something that angers me to no end. We all have this right.

The truth is, nobody did anything but stand back and shout boo. An opportunity for a violent demonstration? Not even necessary. All they had to do was for everyone to start removing their clothing too. Why didn't they do this? I would've done that (and I've about as much to look at down there as he did, unless made happy) and I would've shouted for everyone else to do so too. And they probably would've still stood there and duuuhhh boooooo about it. Because we're so uptight about our bodies. Probably afraid someone will tell us we're not pretty enough to be nude.

We're getting past hate for gays. We need to get past hate for our own bodies.