Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Whatever it is I think I see... becomes a Socialist to me!

The talking points by the Right-wing and those who fall under their voodoo spell of double-think have nothing to say at all. It's more than obvious that they have nothing to say or add to the table, and they still can't figure out why they lost the last election or why the president still gains points over them.

Try this: HAVE A POINT! HAVE AN IDEA! If all you can do is shout the same bullshit, and by the way, incorrect accusation, you're going to do nothing but fail. It's universal... socialist socialist socialist! From the people who advocate giving tax breaks to the rich (which is socialist, I might add) and scream and cry over anything that happens with the car companies (which is... delusional).

If Obama helps the car companies, they scream and cry, though not if he helps the banks... but if he doesn't, won't they cry because we won't have cars, which Rush Limbaugh thinks all individual Americans should have? If Obama intervenes with the car companies it's an evil "power grab" that's supposed to be socialist. But wait a minute, if their leaders failed, don't they deserve to be fired? Isn't it... you know... capitalist to let go of that which didn't work? Isn't it Socialist to keep them around? So you can't call that socialist. So what the right is in effect saying is that we need to socially fund that which makes all people unique rugged individuals? No, they'll whine about that too.

Guess what: they're the losers in the political battle right now so they have a vested interest in making Obama, no matter what he does, out to be doing everything wrong all the time, no matter what. And yes, they will contort themselves to do it. There's so much they could speak about, but it's all shit they want to do too, and are trying to say they'd do better... kill the planet, push capitalism's harmful policies, etc., but they won't mention that since these are things they champion.

Finally hearing this from the The Young Turks show, who said this very thing and pointed out, through maybe a little stammer, where the "socialism" actually lies. But that's what I love about TYT... the real-peoples-newsmen type of feel: