Monday, June 29, 2009

Jena 6 get fair deal

I'm very glad to hear this one came to a proper end... the Jena Six case is over. It ended quietly:
Five neatly dressed young men answered "Yes Sir," on Friday as state District Judge Tom Yeager asked them if they accepted the terms of a deal that included pleading no contest to misdemeanor simple battery.
Which is precisely what it always was. The ridiculous trials of attempted murder and the threats to ruin the rest of their lives was absolutely uncalled for. All five of them attested to what really happened. I'm glad to see this end where it should've begun. It's not total justice. After all, there was plenty of cajoling before this happened. As I recall, no prosecution came down on the white boy who attempted to attack them with a shotgun prior to this attack. And we'll never forget the noose.

The troubles with this area of the country are hardly over, I'm sure. But that section of Louisiana did discover that even there, racism of the level that was shown will not go unchallenged. And all that was asked was color-blind justice.

If there's any doubt we are a long way off on civil justice, it's this case. It's the gay bar raid in Dallas. And we'll have many more instances, I'm sure.