Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ripe for healthcare reform

While he sucks at fulfilling promises to the LGBT community, he's at least really "Yoda-like" at fly-swatting, and is still hitting hard on the health-care reform.

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What gets me is that the Right keeps recycling that line about it being like going to the DMV. Apparently they've never had to go to their local ER without insurance just to get antibiotics. It's already like going to the DMV. I'd just recently received an even worse bit of anti-reform propaganda from my own family... an e-mail titled Your Duty to Die, which was nothing more than a post from a complete moron at Townhall. The scare-tactic is that the government will tell you whether you're allowed to live or die. What... you'd rather have your HMO do that now?

The point, one last time, is that the reform is not for socialized medicine at all. Never has been. That's Hillary's greatest ridicule against Obama during the primaries, after all. No, the plan is for insurance for those who are not already insured... in other words, for those who presently have to endure the DMV ER experience because they're not insured already, which is fine for those of you who are to oppose, seeing as how you don't have to deal with it yourself.

Sometimes I wish the Right were just a bunch of flies in the middle of an Obama interview. But then I remember DADT isn't going away, and I hope for him to come back as one after he dies for that.