Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sieg Heil, Texas?


Gay bar raided in Texas

This morning, the Dallas Voice reported that The Rainbow Lounge, a new gay bar in Fort Worth, west of Dallas, was raided early this morning. Numerous people were arrested and rough-housed without any specific reason. Some people were even thrown to the ground and handcuffed, allegedly for public intoxication. One report even stated that a young woman who was of age, and hadn’t even been drinking, received similar treatment, so it’s safe to assume that public intoxication wasn’t the real reason the police were there.

And if there's any doubt that this country can, and would, at a moment's notice and at the first opportunity, resort back to the same old fascist methods to rid us, this is exhibit #1 that they would. Come out, get your gloves on, and get ready to fight. We've got some ass to pound.

They are asking that people gather at the Rainbow Lounge at 5 p.m. today. Then there will be a protest outside the Tarrant County Courthouse in downtown Fort Worth at 7 p.m.

Rainbow Lounge is located at 615 S. Jennings. The courthouse is on Weatherford at Main St. Parking downtown in all parking garages and at all meters. There is a parking garage very near the courthouse, at Weatherford and Throckmorton.

I wish I could be there. If you can, be there, and fight.