Friday, June 12, 2009

That's mighty white & tasty of ya, Rush

Everytime Jebus people talk about their peacefulness of their Jebusness, and someone brings up the murder of Tiller, there's three ways I've noticed that they reply:

1. The murderer wasn't a "real Christian".
I say this is silly. Imagine if you're speaking with someone on a reservation and they mention what white people have done to theirs, and you were to reply, "But those weren't 'real whites.'" I think they'd have just right to stab you right there on the spot.

2. It's not justified to kill him, but you're forgetting about all the babies Tiller killed.
No, I'm not forgetting about all the families that weren't wanted and weren't formed anyway, and all the misery that was caused as a result. What I'm wondering, therefore, is if I were to take an assault rifle and mow down a bunch of lumberjacks preparing to clearcut a forest to save the lives of the trees, would you say the same? It's not the same thing, I'm sure they'd say (because a human life means more than a tree's, I guess, to their thinking) but people do not confront clearcutters by these methods. What do they do? Nonviolent protests. But you see, that's because we're peace-spouting hippies. Which only brings me in contradiction with the stupidest of the three...

3. That wasn't a Christian. That was a hateful liberal.
And that's the one I simply can't answer, anymore than I have the answer to, What does purple taste like? because it's just as stupid a thing to say. Way to go, Rush.