Saturday, June 13, 2009

We have the rainbow for a reason

They called us pedophiles. They called us queer. They've called us faggots. But one thing they can't call us is a bunch of clones, and I hope we can keep it that way.

The march, it would seem, is on, even though it was at first believed that it would not be. Cleve Jones has confirmed with Joe.My.God. that a protest on Washington is on. But Pam Spaulding raises a very good point:
So the Q of the Day - does the anger over the administration's DOMA brief affect your view of the march or not? Jones said "most people on the west coast will be able to come to this march for less than $700."
In other words, why not use that money used in traveling instead in the projects for equality in your own state? I think both are necessary. Those who can go, a million-fag-march would be overwhelmingly awesome. But face it, we're going to win this by pushing in our states. Enough states grant equality, it becomes moot to those resisting elsewhere, and the federal government has to take notice. Or so I've heard. I never did take government in school, so... whatever.

And even more importantly, we are all going to respond to this angering moment in different ways. That's how we know that we are people and not Borg. Some will be raged in anger. Some will be apathetic. Some will be level-headed and try calmly and rationally thinking about what's next. Some are still just so grateful we don't have the previous administration or Caribou Barbie doing our leading that they're not yet ready to give up hope on Obama. So for anybody criticizing how someone else reacts to this slap in the face, keep in mind, our differences is our diversity--the very thing we're trying to preserve and protect. I'm not saying we have to become Borg-like and stand together as one like some kind of Stepford Community, but don't do the enemy's work for them by going apeshit on each other's way of handling things, k?

We are LGBT. That's four different types right there. I know little about the L, nothing about the T, and only knew a couple of people who identify as B. But in the G alone we've got the str8-acting helium heeled ones, the fems, the young and materialistic ones, the older ones pathetically still trying to hold on to the illusion of youth, the ones happy about their age and maturity, the drag queens, the bears, the spiritual, the angry atheists, the polyamourists, the mongamists, the serial monogamists, the eternally single, the married and family-raising ones, the triad ones, the open-relationship ones, the long-hairs, the skinheads, the Radical Faeries, the Christians, the closeted ones, the out and proud ones ,the out and certifiably insane about their outness ones, and so much more.

We are the world. That rainbow is there for a reason.