Thursday, July 23, 2009

Differences between the sides... Mom & Dad Politics

Family therapy frequently sees this scenario... one parent has to do all the hard work with the kids, like getting them to brush their teeth, do their homework, all the things the kids don't want to do. The other gets to reap the benefits of the fun things they do want to do. This battle makes the parent most harmful to the child the very parent the child thinks he likes most.

And that is exactly what we are dealing with in our polarized nation. While the Cons keeping railing on about the huge size of spending deficits (that they cause), the Libs keep reminding them it's not as large as the amount of pollution from constant, careless growth.

While the Cons only broadcast the goodness of their spend-happy capitalism, and their minions hear only what they want to hear that'll remind them how superior they are, ignoring the amount of pain and destruction around them that lies evidence to the contrary, the Libs have to deal with the questions and issues nobody wants to hear about. They have to talk about the responsibility of where waste goes, rather than promote the intoxicating happy-go-luckiness of a litter-bug driving down the road, just throwing his plastic wrapper out the window. They have to nurse the bird to health that chokes on the plastic.

At any rally you will notice the difference. The Cons are having a great party time. They are chanting the vilest insults, laughing and cheering, and mocking the seriousness found on the other side. If you were to superimpose this on the same family therapy situation mentioned above, the therapist would stand up and slap the living shit out of the Cons, and tell them to snap the fuck out of it and grow the fuck up.

In the situation of politics, all these people are able to equally vote, so no leadership will ever give the bitchslapping that is needed. Even sicker is that votes were so often denied to the ones who did the most hurting and given to those who did the most smiling. If there's any doubt about their attempts to go back to wealthy representation and the disenfranchisement of the poor, I need only remember the cheerful receiving of the Right by Rush Limbaugh's modest proposal that we dole out votes to people based on their net worth: a millionaire with a million votes, while a trailer-dweller has maybe 20K if he's even that lucky. Yes, he suggested this. And I'll also remind you of the Right's constant attack and demonization of ACORN.

Knowing the charisma, the vote, the intoxication, the most popular of media, the churches, the money, the industries, and damned near the entire system is set against real justice for all but the rich, I think higher taxation upon them hardly seems like it's "unfair", and certainly not reason to throw tea around, given that the original tea party was about taxation without representation.

If anyone should be having a tea party, it would be the poor, the imprisoned, the LGBT community, the environmentalist, the atheist, the agnostic, the educated and underpaid, the doctors who do it for healing and not for the money, the volunteer worker who do it because they see the suffering, the thinker, the intelligent, the liberal... these people are not represented. They are the downgraded. They are the bad guy, but the good parent. But they are the ones repeated slapped in the fact and called UnAmerican.

So someone tell me again why this is the best nation on earth? I seem to have forgotten.