Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eric T. Blass decided to bug me about healthcare

I've played a bit more with Facebook these past few days to finally understand the damned site. I don't like it nearly as much as normal blogging.

It was on there that someone held a slanted poll of course: "Should the U.S adopt a Universal Heath Care system?" Because the US isn't talking about a Universal Care program, but insurance for those who are not already insured. Hillary chided Obama during the primaries for this very reason. Yet you hear SOCIALIZED EEEEEVIL MEDICINE IS GONNA MAKE YOU BEG FOR ASPIRING!!! and other hysterical claims.

I voted yes. I made a comment in the comment section. And Eric T. Blass on Facebook decided to make it personal. Well, that's just fine by me:

Buddy what are you smoking. You are watching too much MSNBC and CNN. I love the liberal conspiracy theories. Democrats are not happy unless they can let all dead people and inmates vote. Or at least vote for them.

I don't watch either, sir. I love the neocon conspiracy theories... the ones who can't even understand the actual definition of socialism, tyranny, or fact. I'd ask what you're smoking, but I'm sure it was just something Rush Limbaugh shared with you.

You are such a stereotypical liberal. Do you guys receive a mem on what to say on each topic? Wake up and live in reality or move to Iraq.

Yes I am. Because I don't swallow the same shit you do, so I must be, right? Says the person who just repeated everything FauxNews wants him to say. And why would I want to move to Iran, when it's a country run by religion, just like you stereotypical conservatives want? That ticket is for you.

The word freak does describe you accurately. [Sweetie, you have no idea.] So what is your degree in? Iraq is not entirely run by religion.....What do you do for a living?

Thank you. Proud freak, by the way. Love being one. Reminds me of what I'm not. You. I know Iraq isn't entirely run by religion, and neither is ours. But it's run by more than enough. As much as your side keeps fighting for. Now, my major is in anthropology and evolutionary biology in the honors program with a 3.87. Not that this was any of your business, and I hardly think someone who started this entire thing with those same tired old words, "You are such a stereotypical liberal," having no functional statement whatsoever about the issue at hand but resorting to nothing but a cheap Coulteresque personal attack, is someone I'm going to be grilled by, so with all due respect... well, more than what's due since you've so far merited none... good bye, good luck, and get bent.

OK buddy you tell me what the definition of Socialism is. And did you just come up with the term "FauxNews" or did you see it in some liberal propaganda. You are a jike that intelligent people laugh at. Have you ever even listened to one of Rush's entire shows? No you havent. But whatever people like you are a waste of time and my tax dollars.

"what the definition of Socialism"
Besides being a very specific governmental system developed in the 1800s, it is in a sense not unlike the Hobbesian idea of what a liberal is, which you folks claim is the meaning of conservatism... society above the needs of the establishment. Well, the establishment means more than just government, when there are powers as large and as corrupt as the government. When this comes you go for a Hobbesian balance of power. That means not just corporate run healthcare, but also government run as well. That competition you guys are fearing, I might add, is exactly the kind of thing Rush and many other right wingers have always said was good for us, but magically you're against it now. Ain't that cute? Yes... I was a Rush listener for several years. I remembered that his idea of what socialism was is that the poor see the rich and hate them and want them to be miserable too, as though someone else's misery will make their life better. A gross misrepresentation, and not even what anybody on the Democratic party is actually going for since there actually aren't any liberals in Washington at all to be honest, not that you'd have noticed. I recall him saying very clearly that what one person has is not going to affect you, but what you have will. And that it's not the government's place to push that kind of equality morality onto anybody. And then guess what... I then heard him turn around and say that it IS the government's place to defend the sanctity of marriage from the perversion of other people marrying. Which in case you didn't 'realize, is reason enough that I turned his ass off and said never again. Because I don't need to be told that the government's place is to push a religious bigoted idea, especially one that has nothing to do with me.

So take your Rush, take your stereotypical neocon bullshit attitude, and go to Texas and secede, and have a nice hysterical crying session with Beck for me, will ya putz? Thanks.

Your pathetic but so well trained by the liberal puppet masters. LOL

Yawwwnnnnnnnn.,.... of course... you know, every debate and every debater has to play the same shit. The accusation of being a typical liberal/conservative. The accusation of not thinking for themself. Use of downplaying words like "pathetic". Accusation of stupidity.

It couldn't possibly be that someone disagrees with you, and for good reason. Clearly not. But I do. And I have. And you're nothing but a typical arrogant imbecile whose debating method has been as predictable as your use of the LOL is sophomoric.

Are we done now?