Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I seriously hate Jevons Paradox

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Autopia did a story about the new car produced in India... just over two thousand dollars, the Tata Nano. The fact it's called a Tata makes me giggle, especially given its slight booby shape... okay, maybe only I see it... but still, sick of cars always being so damned high you can never afford one without seling your soul, I've waited for something like this.

Problem. Yes. It means, as the story indicates, that more people will be able to afford one. So more will buy one. And more people will be driving one, thus increasing carbon output, rather than reducing it as it was designed to do at around 50 miles to the gallon.

What does this mean? That the auto industry's intention to keep all the money in their mega-pockets is actually better for us than the attempts to break free? Yep. Jevons paradox in action yet again. If you want to drive something, this would be the better choice, but the best one is no carbon-emitting vehicle at all. It's like we can't win. And if we do, we still destroy.