Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's not intolerance. It's not hatred.

It's just a loving Jebus trying to correct the sin. Right? We're just making it all up in our heads that we are at war with a hateful people who would, in a moment of permission, deal with us violently with joyful song as we're beaten.

A nation of "hate the sin but love the sinner" can easily become a nation of shattering windows and vandalizing a store because of how much they hate our sin but love us, right? Because a store decided to sell t-shirts that advocated for the rights of gay men and women... that's good enough reason to destroy property, don't you think? You know, where there's supposed to be free enterprise to sell such a shirt, or freedom of speech... right? But I know, because I've been told by the Right, that the Left are just as bad. In Kennesaw, Georgia, not too far from where I lived, was a store called Wildman's. It sells KKK, Nazi, and other racist memorabilia proudly. I'm just curious to see how many people have vandalized his store?

Or how many billboards have you seen pronouncing Christianity as evil or stupid? In American, none that I know of. Down the road there is a sign that reads HAPPINESS IS SUBMISSION TO GOD, which last night I was told every year a student usually comes and adds ZILLA to the end of it. Of course this nearly incapacitated me in the conversation for a good solid five minutes, as I could not get the image of Godzilla making a leather sub submit to him using a flogger. It made that old Bambi vs. Godzilla cartoon from the 80s into a whole new game.

But before I'm told that the Right are equally silenced, explain to me the billboard that has been put up in Texas. And by a black minister no less, who says he's not anti-gay, but that he doesn't want what was fought for black equality to be tainted by the rights for perverts like me, I guess. What exactly am I supposed to say to that?

Other than maybe when it comes to religion, love the brainwashed, but hate their stupidity.