Thursday, August 13, 2009

KISS IN! August 15th - Do it for Harvey!

I really like what Alvin McEwan at the Holy Bullies blog said in regards to what Harvey Milk might say to Obama as the medal was presented to him:

I prefer to think that Milk wouldn't say anything to President Obama because he would be too busy talking to us. I would like to think that he would tell us to not stop challenging those who won't give us our basic rights. And to do all we can to bring attention to the fact that we are human beings who deserve respect... But most of all, I think he would tell us to love and respect ourselves and each other because that is where it all begins. If we do not respect each other and ourselves, then we have no right demanding it from heterosexuals.
Or as was said at the Bilerico Project:
"Let's hope Barack does more than award Milk: Let's hope he takes the spirit and lessons Milk taught and actually begins changing things for members of his country still oppressed by institutionalized bigotry and religious dogma."
But what I didn't know about is this weekend's KISS IN!
In response to recent events in which gay or lesbian couples have been harassed or arrested for kissing in public, a nationwide kiss-in will occur this Saturday, August 15. Scheduled to take place in dozens of locations across the country, the Great Nationwide Kiss-In is meant to raise awareness that same-sex kissing is not vulgar or illegal.
Alas, I've no one to kiss, and some major dental problems right now that you wouldn't want to try to kiss me anyways. But since I've not heard of this, I thought it should get sent around to all who can participate. Please... make an impact. Pass it on. And go swap some spit for equality.

Like you needed a reason, but this is a hell of a good one.