Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let's all go to the Looobby.....

If you wanted to know what the hell is wrong with Christians right now, just keep in mind, they really don't have very good media to be inspired by. I just looked through the list of the 10 worst movie previews of all time at Huffington Post, and found these two to be most interesting, as well as the captions added to them, hilarious:

This trailer is completely amazing in that it sets you up to think you're going to watch a teen film about dancing your way through the loss of a parent, but then it calls you a sucker and whips out some demons.

This movie is the answer to the question "What if Christian filmmakers co-opted the acting talent and production quality reserved for porn films to make a "Footloose"-esque movie about a young Evangelical rebel?" I have my own questions, starting with: "Do these people count as rebels if they stand for everything the prior generation stood for, but with slightly longer hair?"
What's worse is the line, "Now all we need is a John," because that brings us back full-circle to the "porn films" quality. Although to be fair, we're not doing so much better if all we have is Ben & Arthur, but thankfully, we have better than that, and they don't. They have Left Behind. And then there's Birdemic which, by the preview, is nothing but Manos: the Birds of Fate. Tippy Hedron would be so not proud... (by the way, she makes a cameo in one of these ten too). But if you want real quality, there's Gooby! Guaranteed to molest your kids!