Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let's do some Limbaugh correction, shall we?

Rush Limbaugh everybody:

Obama's health care plan will be one written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it [How does a committe write something they don't understand? I guess if you can write two books, anything is possible] -- that'd be John Conyers. His health care plan will be too passed [sic - be too passed? Will you be too edited anytime soon?] by a Congress that has not read it [Nobody reads the thousand-page bills. Your people are opposing it but haven't read it.]; number three, signed by a president who smokes; [I thought you loved people who smoke. What's this personal attack have to do with it? You oppose drug users and yet you pop pills] four, funded by a Treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes [I thought you liked people who weasel out of taxes, Rush. After all, now he can keep that money to help the poor as he chooses, like you all say we should, and yet, nobody actually does.]; five, overseen by a surgeon general who's obese [And look who's fucking talking there, you prick]; and six, financed by a country that's nearly broke [thanks to your own president]. What could possibly go wrong with this? [I don't know... a bunch of shouting imbeciles repeating the crap that you say at townhalls?]

He then quoted a story that claims America's life expectancy is at an all-time high. But if you look at that very story, you see: "The United States continues to lag behind about 30 countries in estimated life span." And I'm gonna bet some of those 30 are countries with (gasp!) Socialized medicine! Is it true?

Australia 81.63

Canada 81.23

France (metropolitan) 80.98

Sweden 80.86

Israel 80.73

United Kingdom 79.01

Finland 78.97

So I guess this wasn't the best thing for you to quote, Rush. Really.