Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sign the petition please

This petition just came through:

I'm starting a petition to the House to keep their pledge to support only a public option in both the House bill AND the conference bill.

I'm going to be in DC next month. If we can reach 25,000 signatures, Jane Hamsher and I will be there to hand-deliver the petition to the House when they return to take up health care.

It was signed Eve Gittelson. I signed it. Where it asks for you to put a comment to the House members, I wrote this:

We've endured these claims of death panels, shoutings of Socialism, comparisons to Hitler... if lies could only heal the sick, you'd have made the entire world healthy in this past month alone. Now it's time for that entire house to grow up and start acting like the servants of the people, instead of servants for corporations, like you all swore an oath to do. Anything less means there is no such thing as America anymore.

I think it'd be better if we overwhelm the shit out of this petition, but I still don't think it'd do any good. Especially since I know they'll have theirs too. And that I know so many people are buying this bullshit, and are terrified that the president is Socialist, and that Socialists are evil, and sprout fangs at night to suck the blood of anybody who invites them in. Because it's on the news, and the news never lies. Unless it's the librull media.

Can we really just give these pricks Texas and be done with it already?