Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Socialist" is the new N word

That was something someone told me someone else said, and they called it ignorant. This person baffled me with his ability to misunderstand everything you said to him, but that's nothing new. Sadly, he wasn't conservative. Just not liberal either.

Anyway, let's face it. It's the new N word. It's what flies out of their mouth every chance they get, like it's supposed to hut the feelings of anybody it supposedly pertains to. It's misused, and conveys the same slur-filled hatred and careless insult that nigger used to convey. Or, well, still does. And worse, it only conveys the ignorance of the person using it.

It's always used in rants that begin by informing me that I'm "just a typical liberal" (usually all of which is grossly misspelled). That's the reason I just yawn rather than feel offense. Especially since I even know socialism can be followed without the great evil they assume, whereas most of the evil attributed to it come from the evil of socio-centric Christian propaganda and lies, whereas the real evil is... well... them. So in a sense, it's more a compliment.

Commie homo lovin hippies, all of us. Am I right?