Friday, August 14, 2009

They have the anger...

Whenever I was young, and my sister and I had fights, I always lost. There's a reason I always lost. My lungs were far smaller. All my sister had to do was shout over me, get me frustrated enough, and annoy my mother so much that she didn't want to hear my side by the time I had a chance to speak it. This is the war on healthcare reform.

Liz Sidoti's article today on healthcare reform, titled Health-care critics using Obama's own tactics against him, hit home to me. The paragraph that slapped me in the face:
"The other side has the anger and the intensity, and Obama's side doesn't," Horwitt said. Harking back to the presidential campaign's tactics and success, Horwitt said, "This really first-rate community organizing has not revealed itself in the first months he's been in office, particularly when it comes to the health-care issue."
We don't have the anger. We're being shouted down. That's sad.

Now why don't we have this much anger? We have reason to be angry. Our lives, our health, are being sold by the pound for profit by assholes who don't give a shit about whether we actually are healthier. We have far more reason to be angry. A much more righteous indignation. All they have is a whine about a few tax dollars they probably aren't paying anyway. These people are, often (not saying always), angry because somebody somewhere will get healed that they don't like, on dollars they think they alone pay. It's okay for them to force us to pay taxes yet not receive equality as gays. It's okay for them to use tax dollars to pay for Ten Commandments statues in courts, or teach creationism in schools, but not for something that actually does the healing their Jesus said they'd do if they were truly Christian.

I didn't lose the argument because I wasn't right. I usually was. I didn't lose the battles because I wasn't reasonable. I kept trying to be reasonable. We won't lose this battle because we're not angry. I know we are. We'll lose for the same reason I lost. We didn't shout loud enough. Get shouting. Take all the lies, put them with proof to the contrary, and send them out to all the people you know. We have to get motivated on this, and we have to do it now. Hit corners in masses to rally and shout, over bullhorns, over loud speakers, that we can be angry and loud too. But that we have better reason.

Until we're heard, we won't win.