Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twitter Fight proves funny

An e-mail petition for the Public Option ended with a statement requesting Twitterers to tweet this:
I just signed a petition to the House to keep the pledge on the public option. Click here to sign: #hcr #publicoption
Instead, I gave it my own touch:
stumblingblock - If lies could heal, we'd be healthy by now. Sign this petition to stand by public option: #hcr #publicoption
I then checked the #publicoption to see how it was going, and it's pretty impressive how many have tweeted for it so far. But there was one guy who said:
ridosworld - and if there is a #publicoption most companies will STOP providing health ins. to their employees. Liberals never mention THAT!
So I replied, and it ended up a fun conversation:
stumblingblock - And that's an absolute lie. This is competition for companies. Competition is GOOD, right?Conservatives keep forgetting that.

ridosworld - wake up dude. You think companies will provide ins. for their employees if the gov't can operate an ins co. as a non-profit?

stumblingblock - I'm awake. What will happen is they'll have to compete. Scared of competition? Aren't conservatives supposed to be for that?

ridosworld - would it be fair competition? If #publicoption doesn't have to make a profit then they drive others out.Is that competition?
ridosworld - if one of the market players has control over the law and regulations is that fair competition? You know it's not.

stumblingblock - Awww... kinda like when small business go up against megastores and corporations, right?
stumblingblock - Of course the difference is, those things are for profit. This is for healing people in need, often are screwed by the corps.
stumblingblock - I also find it telling you're so much more concerned with big insurance companies than you are the people in need of medicine!

ridosworld - all you liberals think we are so against the sick and poor. We are against government medling and control.

stumblingblock - Starting an argument with "all you liberals" really gets my favor. Especially when all you conservatives are acting like it.

ridosworld - why don't all u liberals pool your money and make your own insurance co. And give it away? Because u need wealth to fund it!
ridosworld - touchy aren't we? Gotta quit listening to Keith Olbermann!
ridosworld - I'm not trying to get your favor asshole. You tweeted me first and called me a liar.

stumblingblock - Why don't all you neocons just go to your fucking Texas and secede. No big loss, you asstards, and Texas. Small price to pay
stumblingblock - Because you told a lie. Look who's touchy! You gotta quit listening to FauxNews... I'm so amused by your rght now

ridosworld - you're not ammused you're pissed. Enjoy the 2010 Elections!

stumblingblock - Pissed? Well, it's kinda par for the course to be so, against a party that pushes gays around and shouts Hitler at medicine.
stumblingblock - And it's silly you call me touchy when you're the one who launched "asshole" at me.

ridosworld - there ya go Captain Tollerance. Lump everyone together in one neat little group. That'll show us!

stumblingblock - Yeah. Says the one who started with "Liberals never mention THAT!" which started this entire conversation. Well done!

ridosworld - thank you sir.
He thanked me for defeating him?