Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Right Wing suddenly became Ghandi

What hate speech?

If you will remember, we'd been condemning this type of speech for some time. Now this is the extreme, right? I agree. Here's the problem, I know that Republicans were not all like that, but... the moderates who aren't like that did not distance themselves. The only response we'd get from them, like clockwork, is: "Well, people are really just upset with what's going on in Washington..." and that was about it.

Meanwhile Stephanie Miller made a great point on her radio show this morning that the Left, who's so against blame (right now) is saying Jared was not just a leftist, but also a pothead. Marijuana must be to blame then. Except, as Miller said, marijuana is illegal, while the guns and the ammo Jared purchased to do this, is not. Pot has to be gotten by prescription. Gun legislation is nonexistent. You know, because marijuana is so dangerous. Maybe if you got between the pothead and the Dorito's, but...

They're all rushing to remove their imagery and pretend to be innocent, while at the same time refusing to think there could possibly be any connection to what they've been calling to happen actually happening. I'm like, okay which is it? Not responsible, or needing to be hidden? I for one don't want them to tone down their rhetoric. I really don't. I want them to be themselves. That's when you can see them for what they really are. Like George Carlin, I despise euphemisms where people try to soften their hateful language. I'm not fat, I'm husky. We don't hate the gays, we hate the sin but love the sinner. The only point of Phelps that I can find respectful is that while so many Christians say that, while really meaning God hates us, at least Phelps comes out and says the venom that he believes directly. I can't respect those who disguise it with a passive/aggressive tactic like that.

I never thought, however, that I'd see the day when the Right would go Ghandi on me and try to claim that all hate is bad. I hate hate. It's not bad to hate hate. It's not bad to hate unjustified violence. It's not bad to hate the taste of sweet potatoes. It is bad to hate someone if they like sweet potatoes, because that's a stupid reason. It's okay to hate somebody because they work for evil purposes, like I feel about Glenn Beck and the lies he spews. Don't lecture me about hate. Lecture me if I should hate people for stupid reasons.

To say all hate is bad, when you simultaneously defended the hate featured in the photos above, is nothing more than hypocrisy on top of self-righteousness. This is not the time to swing into holier-than-thou attitudes. There's nothing genuine about that. This is the time to reassess what you hate (and you do, because you're human) and what you love and believe in. If they require adjusting, do so. But do not justify bad hate and bad love.

When those who preach "values" are always, ALWAYS devaluing people in doing so, because their value is their hate for gays, liberals, pagans, Muslims, etc., I'm certainly not going to be lectured by them about my values, when what I value is love, and the very real, justified, and righteous hatred of hate, and all things that threaten what I value.

The Right wing actually does threaten what I value, with their guns, speech, and political actions to try to make me an unequal member of society, and even make "sodomy" a prosecutable act. But no, me loving another consenting adult of the same sex never threatened anything about them except their delusional bubble that they have the only right way to live.

That's how reality works. I'm not softening speech with disingenuous acts of self-righteousness. I live in reality. I don't want the Right to soften their speech. I want the Left and the Republicans who are not like that to strengthen their speech and be themselves too. Yes, you have hate. Yes, you have anger. Show it. It's because we didn't that those waving guns and hatred for all things liberal won unopposed this last time.

Don't lecture me because I do. That just makes you a hypocrite.