Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A simple way to analyze Wisconsin

Let's take a good look at the arguments between Governor Walker and the main argument that people agreeing with him are making about Unions. Their argument:

Unions were necessary once upon a time, but these are different times now. Workers don't face the threats they once did.

Workers used to face horrendous working conditions, little pay, and were constantly being swindled by their employers, who could afford heavy lawyers, while they themselves had no such representation for their own protection.

Here are the facts about what Walker has done. He inherited a surplus budget that, when he gave away tax cuts to other rich buddies, then found the budget had a short-fall. Let's ignore that it was coincidentally the same amount that he had just given away, because I'm sure that's an isolated incident. Instead, he decided that there was a huge budget emergency, and therefore, something had to be cut to make up for the money. What did he choose? Union collective bargaining rights, because somehow that makes the state's budget fall and taxpayers suffer, even though the only ones paying into a union are those in the union.

This is a swindle. And in a telephone call he fell for quite stupidly, he pretty much revealed that he's doing this for the rich people. So now when you point this out, people who are on his side... poor people who are incredibly duped into thinking this is somehow the best way to go for their state and their own personal interests, the person restates the above argument... it's okay that he did this to unions because, really, they're not necessary anymore.

Never mind how much rich people have tried desperately to deregulate business in every imaginable way possible, so that in fact they would try to make workplaces dangerous again (and your food, don't forget that lengthy peanut butter E. Coli scare), because only one thing needs to be said: their own argument. Here's what it amounts to:

It's okay that rich people are swindling unions out of their bargaining rights, because unions aren't necessary anymore since workers aren't in any danger of their rich employers trying to swindle them.

Who can argue with that? Congratulations! You win!