Friday, April 22, 2011

I accidentally your race, is that bad?

I have literally facepalmed so many times while watching this teabaggot speak that I very well might have a concussion. Here is his argument, summed in a nutshell: "We're not racists. We're just sick of nigras and spicks ruining everything for whites by trying to have equality. So get out of our country."

I am not going to say he speaks for all Teabaggots. That would be an assumption like he's making about all people of certain races. But then, I don't have to. He is claiming to speak on behalf of all Teabaggots. And in fact, I'm still waiting to hear from one who will actually denounce him and those like him rather than just trying to deny they exist in the Tea Party. 

And that includes that certain friend who is no longer a friend who went to high school with me, who insisted that he's sending his children to private school, screw political correctness, and hurt feelings be damned, and wondered why my boyfriend accused him of trying to pass on racist values. Who then played the victim card because of the accusation, of course. Because just as the real victim of the Tucson shooting were Palin and Republicans who egged it on, so the real victim of racism are the racists who have to endure being called one. He doesn't even get support from me, a true hater of political correctness, for that one. Because it's not political correctness to support Brown vs. Board of Education's decision for educational equality. It's just the right damned thing to do.

I would so be down with the "good old boys" mentality if it wasn't so often used for hatred. For example, this handling of Westboro in Mississippi. It's worth a read, and is one clever shenanigan-fest, just like the LOLz you'd get from a Smoky and the Bandit film. I'd love to see liberals learn to handle conservatards with this kind of cleverness rather than just trying to rise above it all the damned time. But when the story ends with:

Sometimes, when all else has fails, you need the good old boys to get things done. Hats off to the patriots of Rankin, Mississippi!

I can't help but remember how many times those "good old boys" have done other things. Like the noose in Jena, Louisiana. Like the lynch mobs that extended all the way into the latter part of last century. Like the dumbass in the video above, and all those who stand around like this:

I'm sorry, but that's when my ability to adore the "good old boys" ends. And that's why I got the hell out of the state of Georgia and moved west. I'm all for laughing at the elites, but when you proudly rally to give them back the power, blindly and refusing to hear reason on the subject, or listen to anything but your favorite little "news story" that is ruled by corporate brainwashers, who play on your hatred . . .

That's when it stops being cute, and redneck stops being funny.