Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I call them the YES!!!! Men...

If you've not seen their movie, Yes Men Fix the World, you've missed one of the most awesome things that has ever graced the big screen. And now Mike and Andy have punked GE.

The Yes Men pose as executives and representatives of horrible corporations who have done horrible things to the planet, the people, and everything. Then they report that their corporation is going to do, for once, the right thing. Stocks plummet as investors bail out, clearly not interested in funding something good for the planet, the people, or anything. In this film you see them do this to Dow, telling the BBC that they will finally pay for the damage done by their subsidiary, Union Carbide, to the city of Bhopal, among other hoaxes.

They just did this to GE, saying that the conglomerate, which paid no taxes whatsoever this year, will give its tax cut entirely back to the federal budget. And I think it's awesome. Seriously, see this trailer... you'll love this film!