Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yesterday I posted a friend's Facebook post joking about not believing that Jesus is the son of God without a birth certificate. Today, it became a movement. And you best know I joined it right up, as should you. Not to mention, in searching for the graphic below, I found someone who brought it up on Yahoo Answers, asking it in the most interesting way:

Jesus H. Christ = Jesus Hussein Christ? Did you know Jesus is a prophet in the MUSLIM Koran?

Additional Details

3 years ago
Jesus is also undercover al-Qeada, like Obama.

And I absolutely loved some of the answers, because you know people can't have a sense of humor about their Jesus:

  • I don't believe he was called Jesus Hussein Christ in the Koran. Come on now...
    [Oh, my bad... *rolls eyes*]
  • Yes I did know that. I also know that Muslims still think of Christians as infifels.
    [Yes, and Christians think of everyone else as hellbound, so what's your point?]
  • Jesus didn't have a middle initial, and Christ was not his last name, it is a TITLE. Yes, I have read the koran, and I knew that in the koran it calls Jesus a prophet, while at the same time it denies the very things Jesus said about himself.
    [He does too have a middle initial, although it's actually M]
  • Jesus Hussein Christ is not my jesus. My Jesus is the Son of God thank you very much
    [Maybe your Jesus is defective. You should get the model number off the back and call tech support. Also check the white sticker inside of the battery compartment to make sure you didn't get your Jesus wet, because that will invalidate the warranty]
  • did you know He saved me from death?
    [I'd like to see that for myself. Come here *makes strangle hands*]