Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looks like someone's gonna get smited...

I love posting to the LiveJournal Atheist community, because you can always count on someone there making the most painfully humorless arguments. So in posting there and warning them about God smiting all the stupid people off the earth on July 11th, these people... are soooo in danger of being smoted, or smited, or smitten, or... whatever:

[info]fatpie42 I found that video rather boring.

There've been some (atheists) who've complained that criticising the rapture crazies who bought into the recent stunt is too easy a target. Personally, my bigger problem is that I sometimes find it hard to laugh at things which sicken me. 

There was one woman who took a blade to the throat and wrists of her daughters before raising the blade to herself. (The daughters survived, as did the mother, and they will no doubt be staying in the custody of their father who had no idea that their mum had gone nuts.) I hope that this is the worst example, but it's just one case of how people's lives have been shattered by this horrific fraud.

I have as yet to see any parody or satire which truly brings to the forefront the true horror of this fraud. It's not just a matter of people being stupid. It's gullible people being sent hysterical in sometimes nightmarish ways. That people are idiots hardly calls for much in the way of satire (and in any case, it would have made more sense to mock that side of things BEFORE the proposed date for the rapture). Perhaps we could have some criticism of the actual horrors this rapture announcement caused?

[info]anosognosia Surely the problem in the case you describe is neither stupidity nor gullibility but serious mental health issues, and the relevant response is not satire of any kind but a reassessment of our society's response to mental health. 

[info]stumblingbl0ck I've certainly no interest in parodying or laughing at a singular extreme situation, no. I do see good reason to lampoon the stupidity behind this wave, just as I've made fun of The Secret, and countless other goofy fads. 
I cannot see how we're barring ourselves from a sense of humor to THIS. 

Now it seems pretty damned clear, right, that I'm NOT laughing at murder-suicides, right? RIGHT???

[info]anosognosia If by "THIS" you mean would-be murder-suicides driven by serious mental health issues, I would suggest we'd "bar" ourselves from a sense of humor about it as it's, well, not funny.
As for "lampooning" its "stupidity" I would again suggest that stupidity doesn't seem to be the pressing problem here. 

You know, Anosognosia, you're right... it's not funny, because you're in very real danger of being smote from the earth. Please, get right with knowledge!