Friday, May 27, 2011

No Pity for Crazed Rapture Believers

I'm going to say something mean. I don't care if you dislike me for saying it. I'm going to say it anyway. To the people who were mentally deranged enough to kill themselves and others because they thought the rapture was coming, I blame them for it. I blame Rev. Dumbshit only for being an asshole, but not for those who hurt themselves. And mostly, I only care about innocent people they hurt. The rest are a relief to the gene pool.

This is the same insane faith-virus that has caused more than enough insanity for centuries, bringing the brainwashed to burn witches, beat gays, fight to strip women of rights and shame them for making reproductive choices, all from a book that justifies rape, slavery, bigotry, and I'm sick of it. Anything that strips such a stupid religion from being so stupidly taken so literally, anything that removes more of its pathetically low amount of clout, is just fine by me. That includes the removal of some of the morons dumb enough to take blades to their throats. I know, they were mentally ill. That's the thing, the ludicrous level of literal belief in something of this nature IS the mental illness. Those they hurt are the only real victims in this mess. I want any sadness that one might feel for the crazies who were dumb enough to lose everthing, or take their lives, to instead focus that sadness on someone who deserves it. That's anybody in Joplin, MO who lost everything through tornadoes, or drag queens or transgendered people or gays who are beaten just for being something their bibles hate. Do something for them. Feel something for them. But for these nuts? No. Nothing.

And I feel motivated to say that because of a recent attempt to shame me for my parody of this "tragedy" because of what happened, ironically from atheists. Those who took their lives or lost everything are the same types of people who are trying to protest Joplin and say God hates them, or who argue that gays should have no rights, some even to the point that they think we should start stoning gays again. No, I feel nothing for them. Nothing at all. There are countless people who are trying to remain Christian, but take Christianity into a new realm of reason and beauty, and they are constantly facing the same bigotry and bashing that we take. So for beating on even your own, I feel nothing for your crazy people.

And I just had to say that. Put your pity where it's deserved. Seriously.