Saturday, June 18, 2011

For fuck sake...

Dear Jeffrey:

The post was created to document the actions you have been making to harass ME. You came to MY blog, and to MY blog's Facebook page to be a complete prick. You accused me of harassing you just because of an RSS feed issue, and you did so in an all caps ZOMG THIS IS HURTING ME AND I HAVE SAND IN MY VAGINA I'M SO ANGRY!!!!!!1 fashion when all you had to do was bring it to my attention like an adult would do and I would've fixed the issue. In fact, I have fixed the issue. But that wasn't good enough. You kept throwing your tantrum, and I documented your actions. Now you can't stop harassing me by making legal threats. Don't you realize the more you act like this the more of an ass you make of yourself? And therefore, the more you, not me, are to blame for your own embarrassment. You are the one person who pitched a hissy fit over absolutely nothing, and keep acting like eight extra posts, and just one more scroll with your finger on your mouse lever, is somehow the equivalent to me raping your grandmother or something.

I really do hope somehow, some way, you can get a life. If you would only use this energy towards something constructive, like recycling, or canvassing for a worthy candidate, you might actually be deemed as having a purpose in this world. But instead, you're just a pissy little child who can't STFU and leave well enough alone. Have to have the last word, have to go getting all legal and threatening just because someone put you in your place.

And I'm going to continue to. You keep making threats. Even if you got my shit shut down, I'll make sure it circulates the entire internet on every venue I possibly can, and there's hundreds of them out there. There is nothing to be gained by what you're doing except, oh I don't know, a massive coronary. So by all means, keep throwing your tantrums until the blood vessels pop. Do the gene pool a huge favor. Seriously.

Your friend and the best night you ever had in the sack,
Ray RedSpider