Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Mr. Stupid Pants

I run a blog. It's called STFU GOP blog. If you are reading this on Facebook, chances are you are reading it off of your wall which feeds from the STFUGOP Facebook page. And why would it be showing up on your wall? Chances are, because you went and clicked "Like" on the STFUGOP Facebook page. Sounds simple? Good.

Now something Facebook offers is to use your blog's RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, so that whenever you post to your blog it automatically (or is supposed to) take that blog post and put it onto your blog's Facebook page. I signed it up to do that. And then waited. After all, the Facebook instructions say:

Another part of how to do this says that it checks it every hour or so. Well I waited, and it didn't do it. I don't know why. So I started posting them directly. And I realize something. When I post them as a link it looks a lot better than waiting for RSS feeds to put them onto the page as a Note. I've decided to take off RSS feed reading all together and just do it the old fashioned way. What made me decide to do this? Well partly it's the look of the post, as I just said, but it's also partly because of the complaint of one Jeffrey Schein. A.K.A. Mr. Stupid Pants.

Today for some reason the not-working RSS feed decided to dump eight previous posts all at once. If this is an inconvenience to you I do apologize, but I promise you it was not by my intention, nor is it from any rudeness on my part. His complaint, however, premiers in all caps and accusations, not realizing all of what I just explained above apparently, which made me pretty much incapable of taking him seriously, as you can see by the exchange:

What I'm finding absolutely hilarious is the misplaced accusation of responsibility. The sudden drop of posts came from a dysfunctional Facebook feature, and certainly not the first Facebook feature to be stupid. But he doesn't just accuse me of spamming, he then says I blamed him for the spam. Can somebody point out where I actually did this? Other than as a response to his accusation where I point out the obvious fact that, if he considers my blog posts spam, why on earth would he have "Liked" the Facebook page for my blog, where I post my blog posts? 

All I can say is, no Jeffrey, I'm not nice. Not to the truly stupid. The very name of the blog implies that I'm not here to be nice to stupid people. With logic like yours, why are you even on a left-wing site in the first place when it's so clear that your all caps rants and misplaced accusations make you an absolutely ideal Tea Partier? Grow a brain, moran. Just sayin'.