Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Twitter mischief

Haven't you heard how texting annoys people? In some places it gets you kicked out of the theater. In not enough places, I think.

Because I messed with NOM, magoluv69 suddenly decided to send me something... it's a link to where the USCCB praises the courage of people defending marriage. Oh please... courage? Courage is standing in Tennessee, surrounded by rednecks, and holding your same sex partner's hand because you love them more than you're afraid of their hate. It takes no courage to go along with the groupthink of masses of bigots. And so I told them so...

And since I saw on magluv's page post after post with the words "redefining marriage" on it, I couldn't leave the person alone:

Yeah... it was a good day for Tweet-smartassery from me.