Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obama vs. McCain - Still the best, but could be better

HuffPo reports that Obama is supporting gay marriage as a states rights issue. However in reading the story, that's not said. It's what he said in the past, mentions that he or an official for him had filled in yes to the gay marriage issue, and that he may be trying to find a way to comfortably favor it. Which is a weird way of making a story out of thin air.

Queerty reports that Jared Polis says we need to take a "chill pill" on Obama bashing on this issue, and that he's the best president ever on LGBT issues. Then they ask:
Perhaps a chill pill is indeed exactly what we need. Or, perhaps, ingesting too many pills would cause the White House to take us for granted.
Agreed. I still say Dan Choi's radical actions pushed this issue into the media where it would've otherwise conveniently vanished. However, if there's any doubt that we chose the better president of the two, McCain stands up and says the Arizona wildfires were probably started by illegals, even claiming there was substantial evidence (when there isn't), and he wonders why there's an outcry against him. Grijalva calls it a new low.

So yeah, I'd still rather have Obama. I want gay equality in this country, yes, but I want there to still be a country, and not just the Corporate States of Ameri-Co.