Tuesday, June 07, 2011

WEINERGATE - Should he resign? FUCK NO!

Last night I overheard Sean Hannity say . . . and please keep in mind I had to overhear it because I sure as hell won't be watching him purposely . . . on his FoxNews show that Weiner should resign over this. Hannity said that we should be talking about the budget but instead we're here discussing this. Well then, Sean, how about you STFU about it and talk about the budget? Oh yeah, your party has nothing for the budget, that's why. He then said that Republicans have the decency to resign instantly when things like this come out, but Democrats do not. What exactly is he talking about? 

When Newt Gingrich was railing for Bill Clinton to be impeached over his blowjob, he was outed for his affairs and resigned immediately. Yes, this is true. Bill Clinton did not resign, however, but kept doing his job for the American people. This is also true. But Bill Clinton did not run around preaching family values and Christianity to the world either, did he? And neither did Representative Weiner. 

I guess it all comes down to what you consider shameful behavior. A penis shot is shameful behavior to these people. So is being gay, or at least bi-curious, or trying to get some nookie from an airport restroom. Have you ever done anything crazy sexually? I sure as hell have. I figure that's what my sex drive is there for . . . to have some naked nasty naughty fun. Do I expect someone's libido to be handed in at the door when they're elected to serve me in any estate? Hell no. Have your nookie. Especially if it means you won't then consider yourself a self-righteous prick who plans on trying to take my rights away because of my own sexual preferences. And Rep. Weiner did  not.

Hannity and the Republicans would love to have him resign so they can possibly gain one more house in the seat. Weiner has been calling them to task over and over again, and voicing the frustrations of the American people against their policies that benefit the rich at our expense. And that's what I consider shameful behavior.

Do you see John McCain resigning? His horrible policies and outright hypocrisy in the cancellation of the investigation of the Jack Abramoff scandal certainly hurt more people than a tweeted hardon. So does his own party's constant insistence that the nation was founded on Christian principles, which somehow magically translates to enforcing DADT, DOMA, tax cuts for the wealthy draining Arizona schools and services, the outright racist policies of SB1070, and continuing wars that have killed thousands upon thousands of our own citizens as well as plenty of disposable brown people overseas so that Cheney and corporations can profit, and do you see anybody on the Right resigning over these horrible things? No? Because what's really shameful is having a penis and putting it to use, I guess.

To use another example of my own local representatives here in Arizona, try the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is currently the subject of investigations by the FBI, U.S. Department of Justice, and a federal grand jury for civil rights violations and abuses of power, not to mention a federal class action suit for racial profiling, and mismanaging over $100 million in county funds. But even more shameful, he abuses people for a living. And I'm not talking about the pink underwear. I'm talking about the tent city in the desert heat. If you think you don't care because they're just prisoners, then you forget the possibilities of wrongful accusation in this country. The defense talking point for all of these publicity stunts is that it would act as a crime deterrent, right? So explain to me why violent crime rates have risen in Maricopa County.

Why is it in this "Christian nation" it's okay to murder, discriminate, lie, cheat, steal, but not okay to have a little nookie? If you agree, do what I've done. Fill Twitter with tweets of your crotch. Or just pictures of crotches. Change your icon to a crotch photo. Do it on Facebook too (just nothing too racy that'll get you kicked off), or any other social site you're on. Pass it on and tell the world we don't give a shit about a penis, because at least Weiner has balls when he stands up for the American people!