Tuesday, July 05, 2011

God has spoken, "civil union" people

"The Church reminds its members that homosexual activity is contrary to the natural law and the will of God and, therefore, is objectively sinful. Persons with same-sex attraction are required to live the Christian virtues of chastity and modesty, as all persons are. Because civil unions promote an unacceptable lifestyle, undermine the faith of the Church on holy matrimony, and cause scandal and confusion, Catholics may not participate in civil unions. To do so is a very grave violation of the moral law and, thus, seriously sinful. A civil union can never be accepted as a legitimate alternative to matrimony." 
- Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin

So remember kids, next time someone tells you to accept civil unions instead of full-on marriage for gays, just remind them that the church says:

A civil union can never be accepted as a 
legitimate alternative to matrimony.

That's what we've been saying all along.