Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I have only a few rules...

...never tell me what to post. Never get on my post and tell me to shut up because you're tired of hearing the thing you were never forced to read anyway. And never ever miss the point like an imbecile and expect anything other than instant deletion, having me document your dickheadedness, and to have it shown to everyone what an absolute fucking prick you are.

 And don't ever, in an argument, tell me what comparisons/analogies/metaphors I can and cannot make. 

So this sprouted up for no intelligible reason involving my recent Google+ incident where they started bitching at me about the name I use. Again. See, this had happened months ago, they made me file a report, I did so, and then they finally fixed it so that my name was accepted. But then just a few days ago I was told the robot again decided my name wasn't proper and I had four days to fix it. Again, I appealed, they didn't care, and it was suspended. I was sick of it.  I read the form and it said that it is acceptable to use a name by which you are known if you submit links to sites where you also use the same name. I submitted my LiveJournal and Facebook links... STILL REJECTED. That is why I got pissed off at them and I completely redid my Google+ profile as you saw, and submitted another appeal, also rejected.

No hearing my point at all. Apparently I had to put RedSpider as a nickname instead of a last name "Bear". Suddenly I was allowed to use the fucking site again. For now. And that's when I told everyone. And then some asshole had to make a case of it:

Yes, Tony Allen. Forgive me again for using an analogy that you say I'm not allowed to make, but if I kept saying to a person of color, who is protesting American injustice of some kind, "Nobody is keeping you here," I would also be missing the point entirely. There's no reason that, just because a robot doesn't like my name, that I shouldn't be allowed to use the service of Google+, as I am hurting nobody, have funded them sufficiently, and don't deserve to have my name insulted like that.

So Mr. Allen, whose normal white name will never give you the same trouble, so you don't have to care or anything, I sure am happy for you that you're so superior to anybody who dares criticize an unfair policy. You are a complete fucking idiot, and I am glad to have deleted you. Nobody was forcing you to read my posts. Why don't you go back to your own... wall, or country, or wherever, and just see if you can't find a clue or two while you're there, okay?