Friday, April 13, 2012

You want to talk about "out of context"?

This whole issue of liberals being the real wager of the war against women took a very crafty, yet shitty turn when the talking point turned on the woman who said Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. And the first I'd heard of it was one of Meghan McCain's tweets:

Well, now that I've had the time to do just about five minutes of digging into it, you know what? She didn't say jack shit about whether being a stay-at-home mom is real work. This is an issue about political economics... what experience would Ann Romney have in that? Picking out a private school? Ringing the bell to tell the help that the crusts must be cut off for little Taint (or whatever her kid's names were). 

If Bill Clinton had said he spoke to his wife, Hillary, about such issues during his presidency for her advice, what would the Right have done? They'd question her ability to give such advice! That's all this was!

Turning it into a Hillary Rosen anti-mom battle is a douche-bag asshole move that needs to be called out, and cannot be in under 140 characters (and @Conservativeind, the Rightwing blond-nimrod from a few posts ago, should be included). Thanks to Twitlonger, I can do that:

Not one ounce of this cute little move erases the fact, the FACT, that Republicans have spent the past several months doing nothing for jobs but focusing instead on their hatred of Roe v. Wade, calling women sluts who have abortions or use birth control, insisting that they have to have transvaginal ultrasounds against their will, and so forth. The real war against women... is solely waged by YOUR PARTY. 

Obama didn't go around personally firing women. The loss of jobs happened during the reign of your guy, and unlike you, I won't go so low as to say that somehow Bush is responsible for the fact women took a significantly higher job loss during that time. For you to do so to Obama is absurd, and nothing but desperate campaign-time strategy of the lowest kind.

And by the way, Ms. McCain, tired of how the left talks about Republican women? Are you fucking kidding me? I am so sick of how Republicans and Rightwingers in the media talk about liberals! After all, she just made one brief statement about her not having the kinds of troubles that most women have (rich people usually don't). She didn't go on a three day rampage calling her a prostitute and a slut who should make a sex tape, did she? She didn't go on a months-long lie-capade about birtherism and death panels and accusations of being a secret Muslim Commie. For someone on the Right to complain about how someone on the Left talks about them is incredibly hypocritical and void of the irony screaming from such an accusation.

Get over yourselves Republican. And until then, STFUGOP!