Friday, July 13, 2012

Written on the Chick-fil-A Facebook page by yours truly...

Once upon a time I found every opportunity to enjoy the original chicken sandwich from this company. I would have them change the bun to whole wheat, add lettuce & tomato, poor on some of that delicious Polynesian sauce, which I'd also dip those wonderful waffle fries in, and sip the best tasting sweet tea and lemonade mix ever to be found in a fast food chain. I can't tell you how much I loved it. When I moved to Arizona, it was what I missed about Atlanta the most. And then one opened up at the El Con plaza in Tucson. I was so excited.

And then the news hit of the millions donated by the company to anti-gay hate groups. News that punched me in the gut. I waited for a reply. This had to be something they didn't intend. But they've never come out and said they stand for equality for people. Just that they don't hate gays, but... you know, the old line. We just don't like your existence. My money had been going towards hate for me, and I never knew it. And when I speak about it, I'm always told that I'm the one being hateful. That's bizarre. I'm not a Christian but never had any complaint about the music played overhead, nor of the choice for closing on Sundays. I have no hate in me for anything associated with the store. I have no hate for families, and do nothing to harm families. The same is true of LGBT people everywhere who simply want to be included, to be told they're not abominations, or in sin just for being different, who deserve inclusion and love no less, and who are being hurt (often to the point of being driven to suicide) simply because of who they love. I live with a man who is attending Lutheran seminary and who is so full of the love of the Christ he believes in that he wants to fight for acceptance of all people, gay or straight, in the congregations. I do not attend, but I do support his efforts. When I see him, I see hope for the idea of beliefs becoming beautiful things again. I do go to functions to meet beautiful people, from all around the world, of every sexual orientation, and when I'm there, the diversity, the unity... it's breathtaking and beautiful. But then I hear people here saying that our existence is ugly to them. How am I supposed to take that?

Let's be real here. Yes we know you've a right to donate to who you want, or to have opinions and beliefs. Nobody has suggested that you don't. But the groups you donate to make huge efforts in trying to force those religious views into my Constitution where it does not belong, and that makes it no longer a view or opinion, but an action, and a hurtful one at that. With what I've witnessed, with love, beauty, diversity and acceptance, I just cannot see how you can possibly be as happy with such insecurity in your views, and how you can see the beauty that I see and call it sin, much less donate millions into fighting it.

I am no abomination. My love is not harming you. You are harming me.

(And wouldn't you know it, I am not blocked from there for "spam". Interesting.)