Tuesday, August 07, 2012

No more Zuckerborg for me

I realize that, of all the stress and anger that I've had in dealing with online crap, it all comes from the same source: Facebook. I am therefore deleting my Facebook account and walking away from that pathetic website.

Facebook has made a mockery of moderation, from canning people blindly based on complaint, without any pattern of logic whatsoever, to pushing some of the most ridiculous design changes onto you as an act of irreversible trickery (hello Timeline), to just plain sucking on cell phones and in every other way imaginable. Where I am banned permanently from commenting on pages because I went to Chickfila and stated my case logically and had them simply click a report switch, I had to report someone named FAGGS R EVILLL fifty times and it still took an act of GLAAD to do anything about it.

Yes, Facebook is the Hindenberg, the Kobiashi Maru, the Titanic, take your pick. It is sinking fast and sucking hard and I am off that thing. I left the accounts open only so that those who cared could find me on G+ and hopefully will get a Google+ account and come on over. Aside from not yet opening their API Google+ has shown to work far better than that excuse of a site ever has. I'll also stay on Twitter to promote my blog, because it's never given me a single headache.

Facebook, you won't have me to kick around anymore. Besides...