Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Even liberals can be badly misinformed gun idiots.

Take, for example, the person who started this Facebook group, that made perfect sense until today, because now it’s about guns…

Yeah… um… unliked. What a complete waste of flesh this guy truly is. UPDATE: And now the person running it is deleting comments and banning people who oppose his stance. But of course, we’re the ones that can’t handle the differing of opinion:

1. Columbine had an armed guard.
2. Virginia Tech had their own police dept.
3. Ft. Hood was a military base.
4. And if only the first Newtown victim, the mom, had a gun to protect herself. Oh wait, she did. Hmmm…
Nobody’s talking about banning all guns from law abiding citizens, or going against the second amendment at all. The 2nd has the words “well regulated” within it, and that’s what we want for guns. We have that for cars. We have that for cigarettes. Your comparisons are dishonest, and quite frankly, so are you. Not to mention... STUPID:

It’s well “regulated”, not well armed. I just don’t have words right now for how… gaaahhh… fuck this shithead. (PS… he’s deleted the comment, and gone back to playing victim:

That, incidentally, leads back to this very post. You know, so he can see that I’m documenting his stupidity. Maybe this will help him actually quote the 2nd correctly from here on out: