Thursday, February 14, 2013

Facebook continues to baffle me

Just yesterday I was slapped by Facebook's robot hall monitor for having a wrong name (I had to change it to make the bitch happy) and for having too many friends (all of which they recommend, then punish you for friending them). We used to be punished for the slightest bit of male skin in any photo. Now... look what they recommended me to join:

If I were to post something this "obscene" (I don't actually think it is) I'd be punished by the FaceBook gods. But the FaceBook gods decided to recommend a page to me with this photo. Now I ask you, where is the fucking sense in that? The answer is, apparently it's okay for this to be BoobBook, but not something gay men can post naughties too. Yeah, that's just peachy. (Actual screen shot I took just now, as you can see.)