Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let’s face facts and let them secede.

There comes a time that we the people must admit to ourselves our mottos don’t always apply. We like to think that United we stand; divided we fall will always be true. But there will always be exceptions. Just as the idea of being against divorce is unrealistic since there will always be reasons some people seriously need to be rid of their very wrong spouse. America should know this. It began, after all, when some people were such unbearable religious shitheads that they were thrown off the boat and had no idea how to live where they’d ended up.

Eventually a culture always has to figure out what to do with their “B Ark Golgafrinchams.” If you’re not familiar with this term, or understandably think it might be one of Jonathan Swift’s races from Gulliver’s Travels, the B Ark was a crashed ship full of a people, called the Golgafrinchams, eventually encountered in Douglas Adams’Hitchhiker’s Guide series. They are told that their planet was dying and that people must be herded up into a series of three arks to escape, but Ark A and C are nowhere to be found, and it quickly becomes obvious that the people on Ark B (the only actual ark) are actually the undesired people tricked into leaving a perfectly healthy planet all the happier in their absence.

Sometimes differences are just irreconcilable. Sometimes it’s not even because the differences are impossible to fix, but that one side is just so ridiculously childish, refusing to hear any reason. You cannot reconcile with someone who sticks fingers in their ears and goes LALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU! whenever you try to use facts and reason they don’t wish to hear. There comes a time when an addict has to be told to leave so they don’t bring down everyone else. The way these people act—those hooked on FoxNews propaganda—is exactly like that addict. They will have to hit rock bottom before they open their eyes. I know this from experience. It’s what had to happen to me before I snapped out of the southern style supremacy-mindedness from which I’d been mentally imprisoned.

Sometimes, united we fall, divided the good people can finally stand again.

I’m writing this because I believe in preemptively meeting the civil war that these nutcases desire. Rather than fighting them, I say let them have Texas. It would save lots of trouble, probably even lives. Let’s focus our energy on getting the good people in that state (I was born and raised there, and I know a few, so believe me… they exist) out of that state, and then putting up the kind of borders they want around the entire nation. What will we be sacrificing, really?

I wouldn’t say this lightly. I wouldn’t say this just because I simply disagree with someone’s stance on abortion or gay rights. I’m saying this because of the giant rush to buy guns right now before Obama snatches them all up. This is a delusion that is as dangerous as it is stupid. Its stupidity is exceeded only by its delusional nature, and its delusion is only exceeded by its stupidity. It is time to let them board upon the B Ark of Texas so that we can get the crazier gun-toting people out of our schools. It would benefit everyone with a working brain. I’m sorry, but we’ve long passed any ability to coexist with these people on a safe level.

I’m thinking of the survivors of tragedies like Newtown, who will grow up struggling from the trauma they have sustained. I’m thinking of those soldiers we have sent off to false wars abroad, who come back suffering from PTSD and mental illnesses, as well as those who’ve lived in war here. I’m thinking, yes, of those who will see the terror of what Texas can become, who will flee for its border and want to take refuge away from them as well. I’m thinking of all of these people and more, and I’m thinking of how much easier we can create the nation that provides for them if we no longer are bogged down by the angry roadblocks telling them all that, no, they cannot have health care, mental health care, or affordable education and housing in order to help them recover.

Imagine that. We now tell people they must work for the money for their recovery, when they need to recover first in order to work. And we make people work so hard they don’t have time to. It is no wonder we have so much mental illness. Some of them are, in fact, the mentally ill people who believe in FoxNews propaganda. But we cannot help them until they desire the help. They must first realize they have a problem, and they’re not going to do this.

This is not a joke. I am not trying to be clever. I’m exhausted. I’m sick of everything being a giant battle of equal-time nagging disguised as debate. I’m sick of seeing people in need being shamed and beaten up by people who worship people in greed. I really can’t take much more of this. I know that I won’t be able to handle seeing these same people taking to the streets, armed and angry, demanding civil war.

Let them go. Let them have Texas. Let us finally be able to build this state to what it should be, unshackled by this insanity. It’s the right thing to do. There comes a time when you stop trying to stay together for the children, and instead realize they’re better off without the abusive, deranged man you seriously need to divorce anyway.

That time is now.